Battery Light On but Alternator Is Charging, What Can Be the Reason?


What dashboard does is to let you know the special things regarding the vehicle. Check Engine light, seat belts, hand brakes, ABS, and lots of signs might have been in your dashboard. Also, they must disappear after starting your car. That is what they are supposed to work, letting them know where they are and disappear after starting the vehicle.   If you still see that any warning sign is still there, you will be in trouble most of the time.

Battery light warning sign is one of the signs that can appear even after you start the car. What it means is that there is a problem in the electrical system. Battery light on but alternator is charging, battery is discharging, alternator belt trouble, problems on the terminal, loosen battery cable and many things are there that you should know. This content will explain what you should know about battery light warning sign.

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What Does It Mean by Battery Light Sign on Even After I Started the Car?

It means that your vehicle is running on the electricity that is remaining in the battery.  As you know, vehicle needs battery to power up the electric elements in the vehicle. Also, it is compulsory to make happen the ignition process.

Alternator is the problem in most of the cases. Battery Light On but Alternator Is Charging happens in some cases. There can be other reasons that can cause this matter.

What Happens When the Battery Light Is on While driving?

You might not be happy to know that your vehicle is about to stop within the next few miles in most of the cases. The other option is, not being able to start the car after stopping.

However, that happens according to the problem you have faced at the moment. For example, if it is like, Battery Light on But Alternator Is Charging matter, you will be able to drive as your alternator is giving enough power. But you won’t be able to start the car after stopping.

How Do I Know My Alternator Is Working Well?

There are more than 06 cause that can happen Battery Light on But Alternator Is Charging. Before looking for other causes, you have to make sure that your alternator is working properly.

Also, you should know that a rotating alternator is not always a healthy one as the electric supply has to be the number one.  It means that you cannot observe and judge the functionality of the alternator. Following two tests will help you to find if it is a good alternator.

1.Start The Car and Let It Run

This is the easiest way to know if your alternator is working properly. All you have to do is to start the car and let it run. You should turn on the lights so you can confirm if it is a good alternator. If your vehicle stops the engine, that will be it, your alternator is bad!

2.The Negative Cable Will Also Hint a Bad Alternator

You should open the hood and then open the battery compartment. After starting the car, you have to remove the negative cable which is one of two cables belong to the battery connection. If your car stops after that, that will be a sign of a bad alternator.

Battery Light On but Alternator Is Charging, What Are the Causes?

Now you know whether your alternator is a good one or a bad one. The good news is that you are out of the danger which could have led to a huge expenditure for purchasing an alternator. The bad news is you still have to figure out the real cause for blinking the battery sign while driving the car. Following 06 reasons will explain the exact cause.

Faulty Battery

If you see Battery Light is On but Alternator Is Charging, a dead or a faulty battery can cause that. Although the alternator is giving charge to the battery, battery doesn’t take the electricity in, that is what happens in this case. Every car battery has a life shell which means you have to replace it after using a specific duration. Therefore, you should check the purchased date and replace it if necessary.

After serving the duty of a battery, the cells cab breaks apart and the electrolyte solution starts to leak. This requires a battery replacement as the fixing. You have to make sure the battery water is up to the required level as well.

Loose Battery Cable Connection

As the least time and money consuming way to see a blinking or steady battery on the dashboard while driving, a loose cable connection is a common cause. You can simply check the battery terminals for loose cables. Although the cables are connected as it seems, they might have loosened due to the corrosive mater. You should tighten the, using a wrench and check if the Battery Light on But Alternator Is Charging.

Lots Of Accessories

When there is not enough supply for the demand, the battery will start discharging rapidly. If you have added few accessories that the car cannot bear, Battery Light is On but Alternator Is Charging will happen. You should be careful of the alternator’s electric supply when adding new electric accessories to the car.

Alternator Belt Can Be What Causes Battery Light on But Alternator Is Charging

The alternator belt of a car is what connects the engine, battery and the alternator together.  a car Alternator cable is responsible conveying the power to the alternator so it can rotate as necessary. When the alternator cable is not fit to transmit the power, the necessary power will not be transmitted into the battery.

You should check if there is any looseness in the belt. If it is loosened, the rotation will not happen properly. When it comes to a damaged alternator belt, Battery Light on But Alternator Is Charging, you have to replace it. If the wearing has happened above the limit, you will have to replace that too.

Corrosive Matter on The Battery Terminals

One of the reasons to cause Battery Light is On but Alternator Is Charging is the deposition of corrosive matter on the battery terminals. Corrosive matter hardly conveys the electricity which means, the power will be reduced in the transmission. Although both battery and alternator are working fine, the car won’t get enough power to the functioning. Although it is as small as inconsiderable, the sensors will indicate it through the dashboard.

If you see corrosive matter near the battery positive and negative terminals, you will be able to clean it using a baking soda powder solution which contain 1 tablespoon of baking soda powder and 1 cup of water. After applying the baking soda, you should wipe out using a small brush. You must disconnect the battery before committing this.

Wiring Issues

Wiring issues can also cause a blinking battery warning on the dashboard. Although it is just a simple warning to you as the driver, lots of things might have gone wrong in the last couple of days. You must check the battery cable first and then the whole wiring of the car when Battery Light on but Alternator Is Charging. A rat, a bad writing, sparking issues, and shorts can ruin your car completely. 


Although the alternator is one of the common causes to have a faulty electrical system, there are other reasons. What happens if you don’t identify the right issue will be additional expenditure along with unfixed issues. The above description will help you to do that.

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