Do I Need To Add Oil When Recharging Ac And More 06 FAQS


Ac recharge is a vital thing for getting cool enough. This article will explain 06 FAQs including “Do I need to add oil when recharging ac”.

Your cars AC is essential for a day when the sun is at its best. But, what are the things that you need to know when your car doesn’t provide enough AC. For example, if you don’t get eno0ugh cool breeze from Ac vents, that will be the best time when the car needs Ac recharge. This article will let you know 06 FAQs that include the “Do I need to add oil when recharging ac”

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Why doesn’t any air come out of the Air Vents?

This is one of the problems you get to face. Since it is necessary to come at least a bit of wind to determine the coldness, you have to fix this issue. There is not just but many reasons for having this issue. Being the most common reason, a blown fuse can be in your AC system. Since the relevant fuse is not giving the power to the AC blower system, you will not get any wind from the AC.  Also, there can be other damages in the wiring from the Ac blower to AC fuse in case of a damage. Rats and small pests could have done that thing to you as well.

As the next causes, there can be a damage in the blower fans,. The blowing fins are the most affected parts in this cause. Unbearable pieces to the fans such as plastics and metal parts coming from the AC system. The blower motor is also a part that you have to be watchful. Although it is an electrical part, you have to mind the wearing and tearing for that too.

As the last resources for not having air through the air vents, you have to observe the blocked parts ion the AC system. If there is a noise along with the lackness of the air, you will have to clear them as well. Also, the loosen belts, and damaged hoses are the other things you should see.

Do I Need To Add Oil When Recharging Ac?

The simplest answer for the ” do I need to add oil when recharging ac” is yes. If it is an explanation that you want, here are few things that you need to know. After replacing a major component, you will have to refill the gas. That is a known thing. When it comes to the wearing and tearing fact, you will have to consider that too. Therefore, the best way to fix that is adding oil into the AC system periodically. The best time to do that is when refilling the refrigerant. Besides, the loss of air means the loss of oil in the ac system.

When it comes to other situations such as dirt accumulations, not coming enough cold air out of the AC system, and an oily odor, adding oil is the best thing to do. Because the loss of oil means you are about to lose the quality of the mechanical parts in the vehicle. Adding oil regularly, replacing the Ac compressor, and the clutch replacement like measures can fix the issues associated with the rattling and bagging noises.

Air Is Coming Out of the Air Vents, but, it is not cold enough, why?

 Although there is cool air in the vehicle, you might not be getting enough cold through the ac vents. If you are watchful of this matter as “Do I need to add oil when recharging ac”, this is not one of the thing that you can do to fix this. It happens when there is no refrigerant or Air gas in the AC system. As there are damages in the AC system, you must not be getting enough cold from the AC. Also, you need to remember that you have to refill the refrigerant after repairing or replacing the AC compressor.

As the other cause, you can assume you have a blocked condenser in the car. The condenser is responsible for getting the air back into the AC system and then turn it back into the liquid for to drop the heat. If it is not working, you will feel the cold at first. But, then the cooling will not work properly as well.

Why is there a sudden Noise When I turn the Ac on?

Well, if you have never found a solution for the “do I need to add oil when recharging ac” that will be a cause. As you know, the car’s AC system is made of different types of mechanical parts. Being the major component, the AC compressor is something that has rotating parts all along. When there is a trouble in the Ac compressor, you might hear a noise when you turn it on. You know how the air conditioning sounds and tastes. Therefore, you have to be watchful about these sounds pretty carefully.

If there are different rattling and banging noises, you will have to turn off the AC as soon as possible. Because, the small noises may become massive in an instant. if you can observe a smoke along with the noise, you will have to start both the Ac and the engine.

When Do I Have To Replace The Ac Filter?

If you feel like having dust in the car, you will have to replace the AC filet for sure. Although there is not a change in the AC coldness, you will not be able to survive with the dust along with a dirty AC filter. If you are wondering on “Do I need to add oil when recharging”, you will definitely to be watchful on the “When Do I Have to Replace the Ac Filter?” for sure.

You are recommended to clean the AC filter every 15000 miles you drive. The length may be extended due to several factors such as the car’s driving region, model, AC compressing type, and the use of the AC. If all these factors are favored for you, you will be able to use the current filter up to 30000miles. But, you will have to clean the filter after every 5000 mile drive which means in every regular service.


Your car is the most precious thing you have. There is not any doubt about that as you are looking for “When Do I Have to Replace the Ac Filter” due to that. But, keeping the AC system in the best condition is a thing that you can do to yourself. Because, although the cold air is something you get from it, you have to get clean cold air with these practices. Therefore, cleaning the air vents, cleaning and replacing the

AC filter, and taking care of dust in the cabin are the rest o the things that you must do. It will be more effective than searching for “When Do I Have to Replace the Ac Filter” like FAQs.

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