How to stop spark plug wires from arcing and Identify Faulty Spark Plugs

How to stop spark plug wires from arcing

Engine troubles are not what you expect at all. But, you will have to face them if you don’t have to focus on the car. Because most of the costliest and time-wasting engine failures start as small symptoms, you will have to stay focused. Being essential parts of the ignition, spark plugs perform a vital duty in the ignition. The spark plug arcing has been a common issue for car owners that can end up being a fatal engine repair. Therefore, you must take the necessary measures to avoid the spark plug arcing without extending it to further setbacks.  Here are certain you need to know on How to stop spark plug wires from arcing.

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A Failed Spark Plug is a sign of having Arcing Spark wires

Failed Spark Plug
Failed Spark Plug

The most appropriate way to identify an arcing spark plug wire is the spark plugs. Because there is no way you can see it in daylight or sitting in the car, you will have to observe the functioning of the ignition system. Spark plugs show immediate signs after having any failure in the ignition system. Even if it is a spark, fault, or a wiring issue, spark plugs will let you see it through the dashboard.

Although there are numerous ways to have a faulty spark plug you have to remember that a failed spark plug is the very first place to show the signs of arcing spark plugs. Therefore, you have to identify a faulty spark plug as the very first thing.

How To Identify a Faulty Spark Plug

If you are looking at How to stop spark plug wires from arcing, you will have to look for a faulty spark plug as the first thing. There is numerous way to show it as well as causes to make it happen as well.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is a good way to identify a faulty ignition system along with the faulty spark plugs. But, there may be other reasons such as faulty ignition coils. As a car owner, you have to identify the cause of the indication.  The best way to do this is by scanning the car. 

Engine Misfires

An engine misfire is a situation when your fuel burning is not happening properly. A slight chance of engine noise, a power loss in the functioning, and increased carbon deposition on the coils are a few of the symptoms. Also, the production of black smoke, dashboard indication, and the shake of the car is the other typical things you need to know. If this happens, it will be a sign for going on How to stop spark plug wires from arcing options.

Poor Fuel Economy

One of the costliest things involves less fuel efficiency. Since the ignition is not going to work properly, you will lose lots of money for traveling. The effectiveness can reduce up to 30% due to faulty spark plugs a swell. You will be able to observe a sudden change in the carbon emission after the fuel burning. Since the condition is temporary and may run into deep trouble, you will have to take immediate measures. If you are bothering about How to stop spark plug wires from arcing. The less fuel economy will have to be under your radar.

Reduced Engine Power

Your car’s engine has a specific duty to do, providing enough power for the vehicle. When it comes to a situation the vehicle can not perform that, sudden shakes stops, and loss of the air-conditioning can happen. Although this is due to faulty ignition coils too, you may compare the differences. Because, if you get this fault due to a faulty spark plug, things will grow gradually. If it is a failed ignition coil, things will come in a sudden.

Hard Start

Being one of the earliest things to notify regarding faulty spark plugs, a hard start will warn you. Also, it can be a thing that has been caused by the arcing spark plugs. If you cannot start your vehicle on the first attempt, that will be a sign of having a faulty ignition system that runs deep into the faulty spark plugs. But, you have to make sure that it is free from the battery, alternator like other factors as well.

How to stop spark plug wires from arcing

There are few things that you can do on how to stop spark plug wires from arcing.  Following these preventive, measures will save you future trouble that can come back as engine troubles.

Cover the Wires

High voltage is one of the reasons to have arcing spark wires. If you don’t have any other option, you will have to cover the spark wires using tape. The wrapping has to be conducted carefully not damaging or exposing the other wires near the spark plugs.

Replace Ignition coils, Spark Wires, and plugs

Everything has a lifetime. When it comes to spark plugs, ignition coils, and spark wires, they have a life span too. You have to remove the old wires and replace them with a secured drive. This is a thing that a mechanic should do as well.  When it comes to the spark plugs, they should remain in functioning condition. Since the electricity cannot jump, the arcing will take place as a result of that.

Use Original Wire Brands

Wiring of the vehicle an essential part of a safe drive. If you have happened to use spark plug wires from a third party, the results will be arcing for sure. Even if you cannot find them in the local markets, you will be able to find plenty of manufacturers on the internet.

Mitigate pests

House pests are the worst enemies for your vehicle when causing to search How to stop spark plug wires from arcing. Rats are especially harmful to the wires. Although you don’t notice them in the vehicle, they can live long hidden. Although the first thing is arcing, next things will come massively if you don’t take measures. 


Identification has to be the vital part when looking for How to stop spark plug wires from arcing. Because there can be adverse outcomes along with the arcing, you should overcome the very beginning. As a car owner, you should note that the arcing spark plug wires are not the first step nor the last thing. Because an arcing wire is produced due to various reasons. A faulty ignition system with failing spark plugs and wires are one of the reasons. Therefore, you have to be careful about these parts as well. When it comes to the next steps of the arcing spark plugs, engine fires, cranks, and engine failures can happen. Both the beginning and the end are severely dangerous regarding the arcing spark plugs. Therefore, you have to be careful about both e

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