Key Fob Battery replacement : What you should know


Your vehicle is just a few steps away, thanks to key fobs. You’ll lose the ability to manage remote operations if the battery in your key fob is weak or dead. Accessing a vehicle is made simpler with the use of key fobs. This device makes it easier than ever to open the doors and the trunk or tailgate. While some require a separate key, others come with one already attached. Remote functionalities can be controlled using the fob’s battery. Purchase a new battery at any car parts store, supermarket, or pharmacy, and it’s simple to do. This article is about Key Fob Battery Replacement.

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What you’ll Need for Key fob Battery replacement:

The battery on your key fob has to be replaced.

Screwdriver with a small flat head

  • First step- Identify the problem.

Take a look at your key chain. A strong fingernail is usually all you need to open your key fob. If it doesn’t work, try prying it open with a small flat-head screwdriver.

Keep the key fob shell intact by gently prying at multiple points around the fob.

In some cases, you need to separate the remote from the key before using the all-in-one key fob/key combo. The technique for replacing the battery is the same.

  • Second step.

Check your battery’s status. If you haven’t already purchased a replacement battery, you can now view the battery type/number displayed on the battery and buy one.

Be sure to take note of the battery + and – positions because the labeling inside some fobs may not be there.

  • Third step.

It’s time to get a new battery. Ensure that the battery has inserted correctly.

Snap the fob shell back together, trying to make sure it’s entirely snapped back together before continuing.

The key fob of a modern car is no exception to this rule. When you press the button to open the door, an electronic chip in the door relays the signal. A small battery powers the key fob. For an intelligent key fob, battery life can be as long as two to three years, whereas battery life can be as long as six years or more for a standard key fob. There is a battery and the fob’s key fob inside. Key fob battery and door key included. Smart key fobs have receivers, so they communicate with the automobile more frequently inside or near the vehicle. If the battery in your car’s key fob loses its charge, you’ll need to replace it.

Weakness in the fob battery can identify by looking for the following symptoms:

The range of the transmitter diminishes as the battery in the fob dwindles. This means that the fob won’t operate if you’re too far away from the vehicle. If the battery in your smart key fob is low, your car may not recognize it when you try to start it with the push of a button. Drivers may also get a “key fob battery low” warning message in some vehicles.

If the battery in the key fob is low, will the car start? Most fobs can use security (immobilizer) chips without a battery, but only when they are within a short distance of the vehicle. For example, the car will still start if the car key fob has a low battery. Smart fobs may need to be held in a particular position or inserted into a specific slot to start the engine. Detailed instructions are in the owner’s manual. The fob can also hold a traditional mechanical key. To open a car door if the key fob battery is dead or the primary vehicle battery depletes, this key can use in conjunction with this key.

How do you tell if the battery on your key fob is running low?

Key fobs in many cars have LED lights that light up when one of the fob buttons presses. No LED light indicates a dead fob battery or another issue with the fob if this occurs. You can use a voltmeter to check the battery’s voltage if you already have it out. The battery has a marking indicating its voltage.

You can tell if a battery is weak by looking at its voltage. These batteries are faulty and must be replaced, like this 3-volt battery in the photo shows only 2.8 Volts.

A key fob uses a specific type of battery. Batteries for different kinds of vehicles are varied. CR2025 and CR2032 3-volt batteries are the most prevalent. In the owner’s manual, you’ll locate the specific type. You can find batteries like this at any electronics store or dealership.

Changing the battery on the fob isn’t that hard. Find out what to do and watch out for in the owner’s manual. A tiny flat or Phillips screwdriver may be required.

To unlock the key fob seen in the top photo, we used a little flat screwdriver to pry it open in spots described by the handbook. There are a lot of plastic tabs holding the fob together, and they can break easily. There may be small screws or other pieces that are possible to lose in some vehicles.

When installing a new battery, pay attention to how it occurs. The “+” sign is visible on the battery’s “-” side. The new battery must install in the same manner as the old one, or it will not function.

Your dealer should be able to replace the battery in your key fob if you cannot do it yourself. On average, it doesn’t take long to complete. We compared pricing from numerous dealers and found that they were all within $10 of each other. If only the fob battery needs to be replaced, no programming requires a key fob.

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