Service Engine Soon Light and Everything You Must Know

Service engine soon light

Okay!it happened to all of us.driving your car and suddenly the service engine soon light indicator turned on. now what should I do? Why it happened all of a sudden? How can I fix this? do not worry this article will provide you a definitive guide about the service engine soon light.

Car ownership is such a responsibility you have to bear in life. Similar to having a kid, there are many things you need to mind when looking after your car.  Keeping eyes just a few seconds away from the dashboard will be sufficient enough to lose many things.

Signs and symbols on the dashboard are such a language a car owner has to be skillful. There are many body language a vehicle used to talk. You have to be very precise about each thing the car demands at the moment. When it comes to the dashboard, it is one of the most upmost things in your possession.  Because, one moment away from the dashboard will cause a total cost, maybe the entire vehicle.

What Does It Mean By Service Engine Soon Light Indicating?

If the Engine Soon light pops up, it means that there is something either in the electrical system or the engine you have to look at. Also, it is a minor error that a car owner gets to read. Because, other than engine wreckage, you have got the dashboard to indicate the minor problem. Sometimes, the service engine soon light can come as the check engine. It depends according to the manufacturer. There are some cars with modern technology which indicate the service engine soon light to imply the proper time for the scheduled service. Then the car owner might get the feeling that it is time to replace the oil, ignition coil, or spark plugs.  It is not a thing you need to worry about.  If you are a decent car owner, you will know when the engine soon light may occur and how to overcome it with the proper steps.

How Is It Indicating?

A modern car is a nice piece of advanced technology. From classical cars to automated cars, the technology has spread its roots. When compared to the car produced by Mr. Benz with the latest cars that can do amazing things, the technology has applied all over the cars.   Sensors are the specific types of technological tools that are used to monitor the process of strokes. Similar to the eyes, ears, and other sensors of the human body, sensors fulfill the sensing of the engine. When it comes to the engine sensors, they are capable of grabbing several details expressed by the engine. A shortage of air, oil, or fuel may trigger the service engine soon light. Since most of the service engine soon light indications mean an error in the emission control system, which are not harmful. That is why the driver is not advised to pullover or check the engine at the moment itself.

You Have Left Enough Mileage To Take Your Car To A Service Station!

Some of the car owners do forget that there is a minor problem in the car while others tend to stop the car and checks for the reason. What you need to remember is that you are free to drive the car for the next few miles and take it to a service center. Since the service engine soon meaning is to let you know that your car needs an inspection by a mechanic. It is not you whom the car expects to see. That’s very vital to note as a car owner. 

Also, although you are free most of the time to drive the car, there are some specific times to set the focus. For example, if your engine has heated up due to oil leakage, the same indication will show up as the service engine soon light. But, there will be other implications such as smoke and noise along with the indication. Therefore as a car owner, you need to keep commonsense to maintain the car. A heated engine, engine wreckage, ignition errors, and electrical errors will be indicated as the service engine soon light as well. Since such things are very rare, you are free to drive your car to the nearest service station or mechanic.

Why You Should Bother More Of The Check Engine Light Than Service Engine Soon Light

This is a place where most of the car owners are stranded. The most important thing about the fact is, both the check engine light and the service engine soon light meaning is quite different. When it comes to the simplest meaning, the check engine indicated a severe problem, and the service engine soon light means a minor problem. As previously mentioned, service soon light indicates a simple look rather than a problem. When it comes to the check engine, your car is going through a hard time for sure.  The most recommended thing for you to do is to stop the car right then. Filling your car with gas with the engine running, half tightened the gas cap, not every cylinder working, problems with the spark plugs, and errors with the oxygen sensor may trigger the check engine. As you can see those causes may vary from simple to complicate. Therefore the right thing to do is to check the engine as soon as possible.

How To Identify Check Engine And Service Engine Soon Light

Indeed, you should be able to identify these signs properly as a car owner. The check engine symbol is visible as an engine. Sometimes the car manufacturers have included it in the dashboard in words. Although the most common color selection is red, some cars indicate it in orange color. When it comes to the service engine soon indication, the words will appear instead of a symbol or a logo. The specific color can either be red or orange.  The most important thing regarding these two signs is that the check engine can only be available on the dashboard sometimes. Since later cars contain that particular symbol, older versions don’t.

You Can check it yourself

Not only the check engine sign, but every sign of the car will be available on the dashboard when the key is rotated once. At the ignition mode, you can simply check if your car contains both signs and just the check engine sign. If there is just the check engine sign, you will have to be more careful about the engineering services and similar replacement tasks.

Common Causes For Service Engine Soon Light Pop Up And Solutions

Service engine soon light will simply appear once there is a small problem in the system. It can either be an electrical source or a mechanical source. A car owner is not a mechanic always. But, he needs to have the basics of service engine soon light Pop Up causes.

Since it is not always about the service of the engine according to the service engine soon meaning, you will have to be informed about the similar situations that cause to appear the sign. They can be signs such as change engine oil soon. Here are a few common causes that you need to be aware of.

Cylinder Misfires

It is one of the most common causes to happen the sign appearing. If your car indicated the sign blinking or steadily, the cylinder misfire can be a reason. As the cylinders are working partially, you will be able to see a blinking service engine soon light on the dashboard. The best way to verify if it is a cylinder misfire is by running a scan on the car. It can be read as Cylinder 01 Misfire, Cylinder 02 Misfire, or Cylinder 03 misfire in the scanning.

Although there is much possible cause, you may try changing the plugs, wires, and ignition coils to overcome this problem. The best way to do that is to take the car to a mechanic. Since the rest of the cylinders are firing properly, you might get to drive the car. But, it will be better if the A/C and the extra luggage is freed from the car.

Loose Fuel Cap

It can be considered as one of the most innocent and non-costing reasons to pop up the service engine soon light. Though you don’t have to take it as serious as change engine oil soon sign, you should take immediate action for this as well.  It can happen due to a simple mistake to leave the fuel cap open. The fuel cap acts as a major actor in pressurizing the exhaust system of the car.

If you start seeing the service engine soon sign after filling up the tank, the loose fuel cap will be a reason for having that. Also, fuel caps need to be replaced as they are operating as a mechanical part of the vehicle.  You will have to replace them in case of a need to do so.

Third-Party Alarm System

Although the security for your car is one of the most expected uses of an aftermarket alarm system, service engine soon will be a partial outcome. If the alarm system is not properly installed in the vehicle, the car will always shout for threats.

 Even if it is just a dog who pees on it, the car will start screaming like always. When the sensitivity is too high, the battery will drain off too quickly. The car’s service engine soon will be indicated as a result of this. You may fix the use by replacing a genuine company alarm system or installing the system properly. Even though it is a bit costly, a completely functional security system is always unique for a vehicle owner.

Problems In The Oxygen Sensor

One of the major problems with the engine is having a faulty oxygen sensor. When it comes to the duties of the oxygen sensor, the sensor will check the oxygen amount in the exhaust process. It provides the data needed for the computer of the car. So, the car’s computer can allocate the necessary proportions of fuel and oxygen into the exhaust system. Also, the oxygen sensor does an extremely job in analyzing the efficiency of the catalytic converter.

Therefore having issues with an oxygen sensor is always problematic to the computer of the vehicle. That is the moment when a message is sent to the dashboard via the Service Engine Soon light. Along with the sign, you may experience decreased mileage, idling getting rough, poor performance, and strange engine noise will be experienced in the vehicle. Although you can drive continuously, you must replace the oxygen sensor from a service center.

Leaks In Vacuums

The vacuum system of every car has a unique task to be fulfilled. When it comes to its utmost task, the vacuum system helps lower harmful emissions using the routing action for the fumes. Then after the idling and the smooth engine performance occurs in the vehicle. If there is a leak in the vacuum system, you will be having misses and problems in the idling.

Also, the startup of the engine will be a hard thing to do.  The service engine soon light will pop up in these scenarios while the exhaust system is troubling in a different mode. You may identify the exact situation with high rpm which is unsettled in most of the occasions when driving.

Mass Airflow Sensor Issues

The Mass airflow sensor is responsible for monitoring the airflow flies into the engine. If there is an error in the Mass airflow sensor, the vehicle’s computer will be unable to monitor the details and control the process. When it comes to the outcome, you will be having a rough idling process, hard startup, and throttle paddle issues along with the service engine soon light.

If you keep your eyes on the mileage, you will observe a decreased mileage due to a MAS problem.  It will not be as cheap as the cost for fuel cap replacement but a cost of$120 and $150.

What You Can Do For Service Engine Soon, As The Owner

When you are ready to leave on a Monday Morning, the Service Engine Soon sign will be an unpleasant thing for sure. As the article continuously explained why you can take it to the mechanic rather than leaving it as it is, you have an idea what it looks to be having a sign. Since there are some small problems that you can fix, you have the freedom to run a diagnostic test on the car. Also, it can be considered as a checklist.

Fluid Levels Will Be Another Measure

One of the most common causes for having a service engine soon sign shown is the decreased fluid levels. Therefore you should be having a look at the engine oil level, brake oil level, engine coolant level, battery acid level, and power steering fluid level. Changes in these liquid levels will lead to the service engine soon light pop up.

Fuel Tank Cap

It is a good place to start looking for having a service engine soon situation. After a tank filling, these incidents are common. Also, you should be aware that a damaged cap can also cause this.

Strange Noises Or Smells

Every driver is recommended to start his day by listening to the engine of the vehicle. If you open the shutters in the early morning when start driving the vehicle, you will be able to listen to the noise of the engine. Changes or slight variations will mean that the cause is either from the exhaust system or the. Also, smells like sulfur or rotten eggs will mean that they are coming from half-burned fuel.

Repair Manual

Although the majority of the cars have the same implications regarding the service engine soon meaning, you will find some specific meanings for the sign. Therefore it is always better to read the meaning of having a service engine soon light in the car brand. You will not find the same meaning for the sign in another car. When it is a harmless one in one brand that can differ in another brand. Also, a repair manual will let you about different ways to fix that as well.

Any Scheduled Services?

As a friend of your best friend, you should not forget his birthday. As a good vehicle owner, you have to remember the service date. When these things go out of your mind, your vehicle sends signs over the Service Engine Soon light.

Resetting the Service Engine Soon Sign

Resetting the Service Engine Soon light is the process of bringing it to the position where it was earlier. It means that the Service Engine Soon light should appear when starting the car and disappear when the engine is running. If the light keeps appearing, that will be a thing you need to give your attention to.

It Disappears Most Of The Time When The Problem Is Fixed

Service Engine Soon light appears as there is something you have to do about the vehicle. Even if it is simple or complex, the light will be appearing as soon as the issue is fixed.

It will take 10-20 cycles to reset the light once the problem is out.

How To Reset A Service Engine Soon Light

Some specific car brands need a special procedure to turn off the sign. Vehicles like Nisan maxima requires a special procedure to reset the warning signs such as Service Engine Soon.  Similar to that, you are going to follow a special set of steps to achieve.

You have two main ways to reset the Service Engine Soon light. The first one is to remove the battery and set it back while the second one involves scanning and resetting formally.  You need a pen, paper, and a scanning tool to reset the warning sign.  Then you should find the scanning tool interface to connect the tool. If you cannot find it, you will find it using the user manual for the car. Next, you should connect the tool with the interface and turn on the scanning tool. Next, you may write the error codes for future reference.  Finally, you are free to erase the Service Engine Soon sign from the list to free the dashboard.  After the restart, you will see the sign has vanished from your dashboard.

Service Engine Soon Nissan Diagnosis

The criteria used to describe the danger you are in a Nissan vehicle depends on the model. Also, the sign may be simple as showing up an open tank cap as well as an engine’s critical condition.  You can segregate the condition by the mode of the light. If it is illuminating, you will have to take the car immediately to a service station.

The maintenance due light is a necessity for your car indeed. In the case of oil service, filter service, tire rotation, tire pressure, or coolant replacement, you will see these lights.

Service Engine Soon BMW Diagnosis

As a leading car brand, BMW has been on the trail of showing new ways and leading the path along. When it comes to the Service Engine Soon indication, they have their features.  German technology suggests your attention to a few things all along with this sign. Therefore, staying awake to these signs will mean that you are always caring for your vehicle.

Low oil content, mileage, and time are a few of the things that can trigger the Service Engine Soon. If you have driven the car according to the recommended standards, you should conduct the necessary maintenance stuff as a good owner. According to the vision of the company, they want you to take your car to a service station to change oils, rotate wheels, transmission wheels, and a few other things. One o the true meaning of having a Service Engine Soon light is to fulfill these signs. Also, the BMW Company expects your attention to take your car to one of their service stations or specialists in the area ASAP. 


Service engine soon light is one of the things you may read on the dashboard. If you ignore it, the consequences will be severe. Even if you are too concerned about it, not doing the right thing will not make much difference. Is it a thing you have to give up the vehicle? Is it the same symbol indicating the check engine? Or is it something else? You will get the right awareness at the end of this article?

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