What Happens If I Remove The ABS Fuse? Must Read

What Happens If I Remove The ABS Fuse

If you remove the ABS fuse, the ABS system will be disabled, and you will not have the benefit of this safety feature. It can take longer to safely stop your car if the anti-lock system stops functioning properly. The rear tires will lock, increasing vehicle swing in turns and perhaps making your car harder … Read more

New Brakes Making Rubbing Noise; Why?

New Brakes Making Rubbing Noise; Why?

A quick overview of the issue and the fixing; If your new brakes are making a rubbing noise, it could be because the brake pads are not properly seated in the brake caliper. This can be caused by improper installation or by the pads being of the wrong size. To check this, make sure the … Read more

Why are brakes making a grinding noise?


Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of our vehicles’ performance is their brakes. If we offer them proper care and upkeep, they will continue to keep us safe. We know it’s time to get them looked out when we detect changes in their functionality or hear strange grinding noises. We’re trying to … Read more

The Complete Guide About Wheel Speed Sensor Of Cars


The wheel speed sensor is crucial to let you know when informing a danger. This article will explain everything about it. Your vehicle’s ABS system is one of the unsung heroes of the vehicle that has been dedicated for your safety. It lets you have a smooth drive along with effortless and safe braking. You … Read more