Does Walmart do brakes?

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If you live near a Walmart, having some mechanical work done there can save you a lot of money, especially compared to having the same work done at a dealership, but does Walmart do brakes repairs for your car? You can’t get brake services from Walmart. But you can buy any part you may need for brake repairs like, brake pads, brake calipers, etc.

Walmart’s auto facilities do not currently provide brake services. The following are the only services available at Walmart:

●          Replacement of Air Filters

●          Services for Batteries

●          Services for the Fuel System

●          Services for Headlights

●          Installation of a Light Bulb

●          Services for Oil and Lubricants

●          Services for Tires

●          Installation of Valve Stems

●          Replacement of Windshield Wipers

Unfortunately, according to the list above, you won’t be able to get your brakes fixed at your local Walmart. That could change in the future, but I believe it is unlikely because Walmart attempts to provide fast services (although how fast their services are is questionable). While brake work can be done quickly, it can also bring up many other issues that they will not want to deal with.

A “mechanic” at a Walmart Auto Center can only do specified repairs (even if they are knowledgeable enough to do them). This is because Walmart does not want to enter into car repair, focusing on the most profitable and convenient services. As a result, instead of delivering more challenging procedures, they offer oil changes, tires, filters, and other simple services.

Anyone can learn to replace a car’s oil or tires, but do you want someone who has only worked at Walmart for a few months repairing your brakes, bleeding the brake lines, and so on?

Is it possible to buy or replace brake rotors at Walmart?

Walmart also does not sell or repair brake rotors at their auto center. As with brakes, Walmart does not want to take on jobs that need a great degree of knowledge from their employees since it would force them to compete with dealerships and other mechanic shops for better mechanics, raising the expense of operating the auto centers.

Anyone can change their oil, tires, etc., but not everyone will know how to replace a car’s rotors correctly!

As a result, Walmart does not currently sell or install brake rotors in any of its stores or auto centers.

Is it true that there are Walmart brake pads to sell? (Available in-store or online)

Walmart does sell brake pads online, but they are sold through third-party sellers on the Walmart website rather than by Walmart itself.

Walmart only wants to stock things in high demand or are generally universal. Therefore you won’t find brake pads for sale inside their stores (like types of oil or windshield wipers). Walmart does not stock brake pads in their stores because there are so many different types and sizes of brake pads for so many other years, makes, and models of cars.

You may think that buying brake pads on would save you money over buying them at a local auto parts store, yet, if you can, getting them locally is often cheaper.

The rates that third-party merchants on Walmart’s website charge for brakes are often more significant than what you’d pay locally and, in some cases, even higher than what you’d pay on other auto parts websites.

As previously said, Walmart does not currently offer brake services such as brake pad replacement at its auto shops. Therefore there isn’t a price for getting it done there.

Many other places provide brake services, and if you’re on a budget, taking it to one of those inexpensive places is a good idea because they may save you a lot of money compared to a regular mechanic or a dealership.

Brake services are usually available at most tire shops, with rates varying from state to state and location to location. I’ve discovered that having your brakes serviced at a specialized facility such as Brakes Plus (if one is available near you) is less expensive than having them serviced at a regular mechanic or even a tire store.

The best thing to do is phone all of your local tire shops, give them your make/model, and explain what needs to be done so they can give you a quotation. I would just obtain bids over the phone and if they refuse, move on to the next one since they know that once they have it up on the rack and you’ve wasted your time driving there, they’re more likely to win your business, even if they are more costly than the man down the block.

Always shop about, obtain quotations over the phone, and then choose the best option for you based on price and reviews/reputation.

What Are the Services Provided by Walmart Tire & Lube (Auto Center)?

This section is for you if you want to know precisely the services you can get done at Walmart without having to phone them or spend hours searching online.

The list of services below only represents what they currently provide; certain services may be deleted or added in your region.

Walmart’s Tire & Lube/Auto Centers now provide the following services:

●          Lube Service/Oil Changes

●          Tire Installation

●          Rotation/Balancing of Tires

●          Installation of Valve Stems

●          Tire Replacement

●          Replacement for lug nuts

●          Relearn TPMS

●          Service of the Fuel System

●          Installation of Wiper Blades

●          Installation of an Air Filter

●          Restoration of the headlights

●          Installation of Headlights

●          Installation of a Miniature Bulb

●          Installation of a Battery

●          Non-Corrosion Battery

●          End of the battery

The above list contains all of Walmart’s current services. I didn’t want to give specific pricing because they will vary based on the type of servicing and whether you buy the item at Walmart (in the case of tires, batteries, and air filters).

Walmart’s most expensive service right now is a synthetic oil change for $49.88, but tires are more costly since you have to buy the tires first before you need the mounting and balancing service. So, If someone asks does Walmart does brakes-related services, the answer may be no. But you can purchase parts for repairs.

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