The Transmission Cooler Line Broke While Driving? What you must know

Checking transmission cooler line

The Transmission cooler hose helps to transport the transmission fluid. Transmission oil is circulated from transmission to the transmission cooler through the transmission cooler line. As a vital part of the car, its duty is to lower the temperature of the transmission cooler that circulates in the hose. It means that you cannot drive a … Read more

Car Won’t Start? Common Reasons you should know

car wont start

Your Car Won’t Start? and this could have happened due to so many reasons. Along with a car that has troubles to start, you may experience few other specific characteristics such as car won’t turn over but has power, the car won’t start but lights come on, the car won’t start after not being used, … Read more

Check engine light flashing : What you must know

Check engine light flashing

As a vehicle owner, you may have several nightmares for sure. One of the things that are related to the dashboard can be a flashing check engine light. Although you are not well aware of reading such signs, there is a proper way to read and do the necessary things. Because, similar to an airbag, … Read more