Car Only Starts After Sitting For A While? 05 Reasons you should know!

The Car Only Starts After Sitting For A While

It is not a usual thing to start a car on the second or the third ignition attempt. You must be able to start your car on the very first attempt. Because modern automobiles are amazing products.  They have followed almost every comfort protocol for the drivers. Even the start of your car has to follow that specific condition. If you have to stay in the driving seat and keep trying for a moment that will be an irregularity. Since there are numerous reasons to happen that, you have to be careful regarding both identifying and finding a solution.

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What does it mean by Car only starts after sitting for a while?

You should know that there is not any relationship between you sitting in the car and not starting the car. The thing is, you have to keep trying and figuring things to start the car.  Also, it is crucial to note if there is any significant change between your car’s normal start and the atmosphere where you are now. Therefore, you have to follow things to make sure certain factors for future reference.  If you have to try the car startup for the third or the fourth time you will have to follow these vital things.

Lower The shutters

It is what you have to do as the first thing. If you lower the shutters, you will be able to hear any cranking or struggling noise of the car. If it is something about the battery, you will get that chance too. When it comes to a moment Car only starts after sitting for a while, lowered shutters will guide you to the other symptoms as well.

See if there is any Smell?

You know what this means. There can be any electric short in the wiring. In such cases, this observation will be a vital part of saving your entire car. Because the result will be something that can burn your car.  If there is a severe issue, smoke or any specific odor will be available.

Stop Trying the Ignition Process

It is essential to keep the remaining battery power for future steps. If you have a Car only starts after sitting for a while, you will have to stop trying to wait for a while. Because trying the ignition will waste the remaining power and you will not be able to start the issue is fixed.

Try After 15 Minutes

You may find a cause straight away if you have enough knowledge. But, as you are searching the internet as “Car only starts after sitting for a while” you have to try simple but effective things. The most appropriate thing is to wait and try to start the car after 15 minutes. The more you can wait, the more it will be effective.

Causes To Have “Car only starts after sitting for a while”

As you know, a car is an amazing product. Although there are several systems, every one of them is well-connected. When it comes to the systems of your car, each one has its duty to perform. When there is a failure in one of the systems, it will affect the overall effectiveness.  Here are some of the reasons to have a “Car only starts after sitting for a while”.

1. A Dead Battery

Being the least expensive and troubling thing, a dead battery can make a car that you cannot start. You have to be specific whether it is the battery or the alternator. Loosen wires, broken alternator evaporated battery water, and the expiration can cause those things. You may not start the car if the battery is dead. Therefore, recharging or replacement will have to be conducted.

2. Empty Gas Tank, Faulty Sensor

An empty gas tank is probably a fault of yours. Then you deserve a Car only starts after sitting for a while as you have forgotten your only daily duty. If you don’t see any sign that indicates on the dashboard, you will have to check other signs as well as the gas tank. Because a faulty gas tank sensor can not show you the emptiness, you will have to check that manually.

3. Opened Gas tank lid

Sometimes, your car might not start with an opened gas tank lid. Since the sensors and other measures concern your safety, you will have to close the lid. If you have a Car only starts after sitting for a while or not starting at all after the fueling, the lid will be the only cause.

4. Starter Motor issues

A starter motor is a part connected to the battery. It is the one for stimulating the engine by working on the pistons and shafts. A faulty starter motor can bring the same disaster in the ignition. The error may range from not starting to delayed startup. If you can hear a struggling noise or none, that will have to be due to a faulty starter motor.

5. Clogged Fuel Filter

Being one of the most common issues, you will have a Car only starts after sitting for a while. It means that you have to keep trying to send the fuel into the engine. When there is not enough fuel being sent into the engine, the ignition can be a delayed one.  Although the part is replaced in the service after every 15000-2000km, other factors may accelerate the clogging.


Various reasons may be available for a Car only starts after sitting for a while. But, the most important thing regarding the car is to start and do what you need to perform using the car. When it comes to the car’s systems, they work integrated. There is a small probability to keep the car isolated from the fault and take the next steps. For example, if you are going to start the car and take it to a mechanic, ignition will be essential. If the problem is a dead battery, the problem will not arise until you stop the engine. After taking to a mechanic, you will get expert assistance. Therefore, your first objective has to be, taking the car to a mechanic.

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