The Transmission Cooler Line Broke While Driving? What you must know

Checking transmission cooler line

The Transmission cooler hose helps to transport the transmission fluid. Transmission oil is circulated from transmission to the transmission cooler through the transmission cooler line. As a vital part of the car, its duty is to lower the temperature of the transmission cooler that circulates in the hose. It means that you cannot drive a car without the system. If there is a leak or damage in the Transmission cooler line, the cooling duty will not be performed as it is supposed to do.

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What To do if the Transmission cooler line broke while driving?

If you get a vehicle without a Transmission cooler line, there will be two meanings for you. Either the engine or the transmission system is at stake. You are not going to the receiver with these things easily as the engine and the transmission systems are the most important parts while driving. Therefore, you now have a fine answer for, “Transmission cooler line broke while driving”. The very first thing you have to do is to stop the car.

The more time you take, the more the problem will spread across the car. If you think that the car can run the next extra few miles to the service center that will not be possible. Therefore, the best way to find a solution is to stop the car and be aware of the situation. This article will let you know the guide you need to have step by step. 

What is the Transmission cooler line?

This is the line that connects your radiator to the transmission. It carries the Transmission cooler to overcome the heating of the radiator. Also, the heated cooler is brought back into the transmission. Since the process is happening as a cycle, the reputed process will take down the heat smoothly.

Since the fluid flowing happens at a higher temperature, it is vital to produce the line using appropriate materials. Rubber, Aluminum, and Metal hoses are being used as it needs. If you are getting a Transmission cooler line broke while driving, it means that one of these parts has broken. Along with that, your transmission will stop working and the result can be as dangerous as engine trouble. Also, you have to fix these hoses to get things back to normal.

What Happens Transmission cooler line broke while driving?

If your vehicle’s transmission line is leaking or broken, the fluid will stop flowing as it should do. The transmission system will get the first warning, making it difficult to drive. As a vehicle owner, you must know that the transmission system is responsible for switching the gears smoothly. The gear switching will not work as the next thing. If you don’t stop the car without considering that fact, the cranking and grinding noises will come up. It means that your mechanical parts are breaking apart. .When it comes to this moment, you will not be able to just fix the line but the transmission system and the engine too.

Two Duties Of The Cooler

When it comes to the main two duties of a cooler, cooling and lubrication can be mentioned. Lubrication is the most important thing when comparing both advantages. Since there are metal parts in the gears, the fluid allows them to work without grinding. When the cooler is reduced due to the Transmission cooler line broke while driving, the metal parts will start colliding and making noises. Finally, things will start to break. Your vehicle is running approximately at about 175 degrees temperature thanks to the cooler. When it comes to a moment without a cooler, the temperature will be about 325 degrees. The temperature will be as high as boiling the metal parts and cease the engine as the next thing which is unrecoverable.

Signs of a Transmission cooler line leak

If your Transmission cooler line broke while driving, that might not be the first thing to happen. Because you must have missed some of the factors early, there will be where you have to be. Following signs will make you aware of a future transmission cooler leak.

Red Fluid Under Car

Most of the leaks start in small ratios. The more time it takes, the leak will become higher. As a person, you should be watchful about the metal hood. If there are reddish oil stains, that will be a sign of a future Transmission cooler line leak.

Physical Damages

Engine oil, coolant, and tire pressure don’t have to be the daily things you check. You should be checking the Transmission cooler line too. Because there can be some growing physical damages in the transmission cooler line. For example, if a rat-like home pest does the damage, you will be able to avoid future inconvenience.

Checking The Edges of the Coolant Lines

The coolant line edges are always metallic. If you see a rusty nature around those edges, that will be a sign for a future costly Transmission cooler line. Although they are rust-proof metal at room temperature, higher temperatures will make them rusted.

Grinding Noise along with The Burning Smell

Although it is too late to observe Grinding Noise along with The Burning Smell, you will still recover most of the parts. If you are lucky, the depth limit for the coolant will not have exceeded as well. It means that only the Transmission cooler line repair will be necessary.


Although every part of your car is essential, things may differ when the thing is traveling. As a major part of the car, while it’s moving, you cannot bear any break or a leak in the transmission cooler line. It is as important as the vehicle’s engine. Therefore, you have to keep your eye on both the engine and the transmission cooler line.

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